Cookie Notice


Updated: 19/04/2021

Manage Your Cookie Preferences

We use various cookies on our website to deliver the best experience to visitors. We are also committed to being transparent about the cookies we use and giving you the ability to control what cookies are placed on your device.

This Notice provides an overview of what cookies are, the specific cookies we use on our website, details on how those cookies function, and how you can control the use of those cookies.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that websites save on our local device when you visit a site. When you return to a website or visit another website, the website may read the cookie. This allows websites to do a variety of things, such as remembering site preferences, creating a record of a visitor’s online activity, or identifying what parts of a site are visited most often.

What cookies do we use on this site?

We use cookies to ensure our site functions properly, to better understand how visitors use and interact with our site, and to promote effective marketing and advertising. As described below, cookies can be broken down into three large categories: Essential, Analytic, and Marketing.


Essential cookies are cookies needed to ensure our site functions properly. They are used for things such as allowing you to navigate our site, saving account registration information, remembering your preferences, and completing purchases.

We use the following Essential cookies on this site:

Analytic & Marketing

Analytic cookies are cookies we use to better understand how visitors use and interact with our site. They are used for things such as measuring how many visitors enter our website, what parts of our website are most visited, and how long they remain on our website. Marketing cookies are cookies we use to understand what sources drive customers to our website, to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, and to tailor advertisements

We use the following Analytic and Marketing cookies on this site:


How does our website interact with cookies placed by other websites?

Our website may read cookies placed by other websites. This can be done to identify if a visitor has been redirected to our site or whether a visitor clicked on an advertisement. Cookies placed by other websites may also identify that you have redirected to those sites from our website, as is the case with our marketing affiliates. We are unable to control cookies placed by other websites.

How can you manage the cookies placed on your device?

When you navigate to our website, you will see a popup at the bottom of the page. You can select "Accept All" to accept all cookies. Alternatively you can select "cookie Preferences" to select which cookie types you would like to accept,

Separately, you can modify your browser settings. Most browsers accept cookies by default, but you can block or restrict cookies on your device or delete existing cookies by adjusting your browser preferences. Each browser handles this a bit differently, so you should review your browser’s specific preferences. In some cases though, blocking or restricting cookies may mean that sites don’t function properly or don’t remember credentials you entered previously.

Who can you contact with any questions about this Notice?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the cookies used on the website, you can contact at any time.