Cleaner air

For Your Home

TruSens for your home

TruSens Air Purifiers have a sleek, timeless design that will blend effortlessly into any room. Keep a safe and happy home by protecting your family from impurities such as airborne germs, odours, dust and pet hair.

Cleaner air in your home office

The comfort of your home office will have a strong influence on your health and wellbeing. Create a positive and productive working environment by optimising the air around you with a TruSens Air Purifier.

Cleaner air in public environments

Help keep people protected by controlling the air quality in your environment

TruSens portable, stand-alone air purifiers can be set up quickly and used wherever needed. Cost effective with no installation required, simply switch on and go.

Cleaner air in retail shops

Cleaner air for you, your customers and employees. Improve well-being and give peace of mind.

TruSens for classrooms

Classrooms are one of the places that are most in need of air purifiers. Cleaner air in the classroom will help reduce the spread of germs among students. TruSens is a cost effective solution with no installation required.